Solutions for Your Industry

Since 1953, Aronov Insurance, an independent insurance agency, has built an exceptional reputation by providing insurance and risk management solutions to our Clients.  Our firm is known as a provider of quality services that specializes in several industries.  Using a consultative approach to identify needs and, determine our Client’s total cost-of-risk, we select the right insurers and develop appropriate risk management solutions for your needs.  Our approach also allows us to negotiate the best terms for your insurance program.

Headquartered in Alabama and having offices in Georgia and Florida, Aronov Insurance offers “out-of-the-box” options because your business is unique and requires unique responses.  Our consultative approach, delivered by a multi-disciplinary group of professional advisors, is built on listening to you and finding solutions for your needs and exposures.

Regardless of what your insurance or risk management needs may be, you can depend on Aronov Insurance to provide qualified consultation, personalized service and the sense of urgency that your business needs in order to prosper.  Our insurance advisors have the experience and knowledge that spans a number of industries and coverage areas.

The aviation industry is constantly changing and highly complex, requiring unique solutions. The aviation insurance market provides sophisticated solutions which our Aviation Group can deliver as our Client’s trusted, consultative, risk partner. We have a worldwide reach which includes consultants around the globe with various levels of expertise in support of our aviation Clients. Whether you are facing opportunities for expansion or adding new locations or equipment, our Aviation team will work to identify solutions. Our goal is to provide the right coverage at a highly competitive cost.
The United States health care industry of today is challenged with several emerging risk issues. Among them: the use of electronic medical records, management of people, payer and provider relationships and health care reform. In addition, the industry continues to face traditional exposures to risk such as patient safety and quality of care, unpredictable reimbursement, workers compensation costs malpractice claims, property risks, technology related risk and other liabilities. Health care organizations of all types are seeking to manage risk innovative solutions. We work with health care organizations to identify risks. Our team will structure an insurance response that includes insurance solutions and/or alternative risk strategies. Our objective is to identify and respond to exposures and manage, with the organization, the total cost of risk. Significant challenges face senior care organizations. The nation’s population continues to grey. As a result, the senior care industry must deal with a shortage of quality caregivers. In addition, they are facing increasing demands on aging facilities and ongoing services. Issues facing senior care organizations include: property hazards and the safety of employees, patients, and residents.
Safety and risk management can help make your manufacturing business stronger when you use the most effective approaches and technologies. Aronov has you covered. Our experts design custom insurance and risk management programs for manufacturers of steel, paperboard boxes, skin care treatments, boats, agricultural equipment, and dozens of others.
By the year 2050, the world’s population is anticipated to grow to 9.3 billion people. This growth will place an opportunity and a significant burden on farmers and other food product producers around the globe. As this sector races to keep pace with the demand, the insurance market continues to develop and provide solutions across the supply chain – from farm to table. New challenges are developing with regard to changing weather patterns and the increasing growth of cannabis. Our goal within this sector is to provide affordable solutions and insurance products while navigating government regulations and assisting our Clients with managing risks from weather to contamination and disease.
Real Estate
Long term distress across the real estate industry still exists. This has had a significant and severe impact on developers, owners, investors and managers. Tougher lender requirements, environmental and construction exposures, and other complex requirements related to distressed property and weather are just a few of the issues facing the real state industry. Aronov’s Real Estate Group has expertise in designing and placing competitively priced insurance solutions. Our group represent more than 65 years serving the real estate industry in the Southeastern United States. Our solutions originate from a broad understanding of the industry today and where it is going. We understand that cost is a key component and insurance is a major expense that must be considered. As a result, we work hard to find the most efficient cost while providing the best coverage options.
Aronov provides comprehensive food service insurance for the industry’s unique risks. Our goal is to help you address and uncover risks, assure quality, minimize costs and safeguard your assets. As a trusted advisor, we discover challenges to your business and your people, and we assist you in the development of effective sustainable solutions.
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Solutions for Your Family

Life happens at the speed of sound, and our goal is to keep up with you as your needs arise and, protect you from those unexpected life events by providing high quality insurance solutions that meet your needs and financial goals.

If disaster occurs, are your home, and physical assets completely protected? More importantly, how do you know you do have the right kind of protection? For example, many people assume that homeowners’ policies cover flood damage. Have you been fully advised about what coverage you do have and how it will respond to your specific needs? With the wide variety of coverage forms available, it can be difficult to determine if a particular policy provides adequate protection. Our experienced agents will help you identify your exposures, assess your risk, and customize an insurance program just for you – providing the precise coverage you need while maximizing value. Home Insurance options: Homeowners insurance Condo insurance Renters insurance Mobile home insurance Personal item floaters Flood Insurance
Aside from your home, your car or truck may be the largest asset you own. Whether you have a collectable antique or an everyday, get around town SUV, your vehicle is a major investment. It is exposed to several types of potential losses on a daily basis. Our professional personal lines insurance Consultants will strive to provide you with the protection you need at a price you can afford. We can help protect you against devastating financial losses with an insurance program structured specifically for you and your family, It is important to know that various auto insurance policies only comply with specific state legal requirements, For example, in other states than the one you live in, your auto insurance may have limited coverage. Do you know how your auto insurance is structured in terms you understand? Our Consultants can provide guidance and answers as you look at alternatives. Are you receiving all the available discounts you deserve? Such as: Good driver discounts Multi-car and multi-policy discounts Discounts for safety equipment
Boating is a wonderful leisure activity. The numerous waterways, lakes and coastal shores offer boaters excellent experiences. Whether you are pleasure boating on a lake or a river, sport fishing off the Florida coast, or cruising in the Pacific, Our Consultants cater to the needs of boat owners and can assist you in protecting this lifestyle. Because we are boat owners, we understand your needs as a boat owner. We will work with you and several watercraft insurers to compare coverage side by side and determine the best and most affordable insurance coverage for you and your watercraft. Our goal is to provide broad coverage, and competitive premiums - tailored to your needs - whether your own a yacht, a charter vessel, a performance boat or a houseboat.
Recreational Vehicles of all types are seen on and off the road today. Whether you have a pop-up camper, fifth wheel or Prevost motorcoach, are you sure you have the right coverage in place for total peace of mind? Our Consultants have the experience and knowledge to provide you with the right coverage when you need protection for on-and off-road recreational vehicles, regardless of type. If you own a recreational vehicle, you need to be protected in case of an accident, theft, or other damage. Recreational vehicle coverage can include financial compensation in the event of physical damage, vandalism, theft and collision. In addition, your policy may allow for reimbursement of personal effects stored on a vehicle such as an RV, boat or snowmobile.
Whether you are cruising the winding roads of the North Carolina mountains, or have your bike in storage, our Consultants can provide protection to you and your motorcycle. Insurers we represent and provide a broad selection of coverages that may include: Optional or added equipment Towing and labor Rental reimbursement Bodily injury liability coverage (may include passengers on your motorcycle also) Property damage liability coverage Medical payments Collision coverage Comprehensive coverage Uninsured/underinsured motorist bodily injury Motorcycle and off-road vehicle transport trailer damage The types of vehicles protected by motorcycle insurance, include: Scooters Mopeds Street-sport bikes High-performance bikes Limited-production and custom bikes Cruisers Touring and sport-touring bikes Vintage bikes Motocross bikes Off-road/dual-purpose bikes
In several states, where you live does not necessarily mean you do not have a high risk of flood. Flood insurance is not only needed by people living in specified flood zones. Floods can occur anywhere, anytime and the resulting damage can be catastrophic. Your homeowners insurance may not automatically provide coverage in the event of a flood. It is your responsibility to purchase the correct coverage, regardless of what you may believe the federal government programs may offer. If you are threatened with rising waters, our Consultants can protect you, your family and your home - whether you live in a flood zone or not.
Personal umbrella liability insurance is an extra layer of insurance coverage to protect your home, car, and the financial stability for your family. All of these represent exposures to risk if you’re in an accident and held liable for injuries and damages. The resulting expenses can go above your primary policy limits. You may have to sell your belongings or use future earnings to pay the remaining cost. If you face a significant claim or lawsuit, umbrella coverage can help pay the outstanding costs. Umbrella liability insurance can also provide coverage that may not be provided by your other policies - such as libel, slander and false arrest. Also, if you travel, personal umbrella insurance may provide worldwide coverage where your other policies may not.

We Have Options.

Each Client has unique risks, as well as opportunities for success. Our multi-disciplinary team of professional advisors are true partners who will work with you to design a program that fits your specific needs. Starting with traditional property and casualty responses, our tailored risk assessment assessment can help determine the benefit of adding additional coverage or alternative forms of risk finance or transfer.